Tregaskiss 401-4-62 MIG Nozzles 5/8" Compatible Tregaskiss Nozzles 401-1-62



MIG Nozzles 401-4-62 Compatible Tregaskiss 401-4-62 Mig Nozzles 5/8" Nozzles

Fits Tregaskiss® Robotic CA3, TA3, G2, ThruArm G2, G1 Water-Cooled.

Bernard BTB Guns, 250 Amp S-Gun (TM), TGX Guns, T-Gun (TM) Water-Cooled.

Tregaskiss Robotic Air-Cooled and Water-Cooled MIG Guns.

 Bernard Air-Cooled and T-Gun (TM) Water-Cooled MIG Guns, Fume Extraction MIG Guns.

Use With 404 series Nozzle Retainers.

Pack of 5


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