Stainless Steel E308L-16 Stick Welding Electrode 1/8" 5Ibs 308L-16



Stainless Steel E308L-16 1/8” Stick Welding Electrode 308L-16 Welding Rods 5Ibs

E308L-16 Stick Welding Electrode are Used to Weld Unsterilized 18-8 Stainless Steels Such as Types 301, 302, 304, 305, and 308. E308-16 Electrodes Provide Corrosion Resistance and Physical Properties Equal to or Greater Than the Steels for Which They are Recommended. Typical Applications Include Dairy, Distillery and Restaurant Equipment, and Chemical Tanks.

General-Purpose Low Carbon Stainless-Steel Electrode

AC/DC+ (Reverse Polarity)

Electrode Size: 1/8" Diameter, 14" Long

Net WT: 5 Ibs

AWS/SFA 5.4 E308L-16

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