Superior Products Inlet Nut Fitting CGA-580 N-73 & Nipple 3” NP-189 Argon, Helium, Nitrogen



Argon; Helium; Nitrogen N-73 CGA-580 & Inlet Nipple NP-189

Regulator Inlet Nuts N-73, Argon; Helium; Nitrogen, CGA-580

CGA-580, 0.96-14 NGO RH Male

Equivalent to Western 92

Inlet Nipple NP-189, Argon, Helium, Nitrogen, Air, Acetylene (POL), Medical Mixtures.

CGA-500, 510, 580 & 590 to 1/4 NPT, 3" Long.

Equivalent to Western 15-3

Solid Brass.

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